Dear Calvin,

I would like to commend Myan Mystre for his absolutely brilliant Customer Excellence to myself and my family.

My Dad serviced his 2006 Fortuner with you and I am now keeping the tradition. He subsequently purchased a new Fortuner from your branch and both our vehicles are still serviced with you without missing a service.

Upon my Dad’s passing earlier this year and following lockdown Myan was always available to take technical questions from myself and my mom. He even went so far as to give my mom his personal mobile number in case of emergency and also offered to go to her home to disconnect her battery if needed for lockdown.

Two weeks ago our family went to Rhodes to scatter my father’s ashes and I picked up dirty diesel in PE. My fuel filter light came on at Nanaga where I subsequently bleed the filter and attempted to reset it. After the reset failed I contacted Myan on his mobile at 7:20 and there he was again, ready, and very willing to help. He contacted Grahamstown, arranged parts and fitment(no cost), phoned me back within 5minutes.  By the time we got to Grahamstown the Service Manager was waiting for us and supervised the job. Again, unprecedented service.

This Service Excellence you simply do not find in South Africa anymore and I feel that I need to let you know, how fortunate you and Toyota are to have such an asset.

Best Regards,

Nico Schoombie